The Type 1 Diabetes Alphabet

A A1C Test B Blood Sugar C Counting Carbohydrates D Dosing E Every Day Battled F Flying With Supplies Is Such A Hassle G Glucagon H High Blood Sugars I Insulin Is A Life Saver (Literally) J Juvenile Diabetes K Ketoacidosis L Low Blood Sugars M Meter N Nutritional Facts O Orange Juice For Lows … Continue reading The Type 1 Diabetes Alphabet

13 Reasons I Love My Insulin Pump

I can eat at anytime of the day I am a traveling clock I am also a traveling flash light, which is pretty convenient at night time My whole life runs on only AA batteries I get to choose from pink, blue, or grey infusion sites I have the choice of wearing a sensor that … Continue reading 13 Reasons I Love My Insulin Pump

National Donut Day; Carbohydrate Counting Style

In the spirit of National Donut Day I decided to share carbohydrate information on different kinds of donuts! We all know that donuts come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors, which¬†makes carb counting even harder! Each donut store, such as Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donut may offer the same kind of donuts, with different amounts … Continue reading National Donut Day; Carbohydrate Counting Style