Today In List Form

My day in list form…

  • I woke up low and had to eat some Poptarts (Which was actually a positive).
  • I got ready to leave for a photo session and my car was completely dead.
  • I got to my photo session and my phone died, so I could not get ahold of my clients.
  • I waited 30 minutes for my clients, and then realized they were there already (I felt stupid).
  • I got to drive my boyfriend’s truck (Which was awesome).
  • I got to photograph my adorable puppers while waiting for my clients to arrive at the session.
  • I met a white Pit Bull today and got fur all over me! I loved it, as crazy as that sounds.
  • I am now about to go to supper with my friend Katie who I have not seen in months!


Note to self and anyone reading this boring post, there is always a little good in each day even when you think it was a crappy day. 



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