Animas Discontinuing

Lots of new things going on in my life now, I finally graduated college this past May. I graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and Intermedia Arts from Ball State University. WOO! I have continued my small photography business and have grown my customers since graduating, I also started a new job three days later in Fishers at Kirsten Wray Photography, where I photograph weddings and events and edit through out the week in her office. Now, the diabetes part…

I have been on the Animas pump 99% of my diabetic life. I received my new Animas pump in the mail and a week later I read that Animas is discontinuing their pumps, and I did not even read it on Animas’ site or in a letter from Animas. They have yet to alert me that they are discontinuing their pumps and even sold me a brand new one right before I found out! I was so disappointed because I love Animas and have never ever had a problem with them! SOOOO I am switching to the T-slim after much research and videos watched on Youtube! I watched countless hours one night of videos of people opening their new pumps and setting them up and giving reviews on them, so thank you to every diabetic who helped me choose my new pump! Now… It is kind of scary being 23 and just now switching over to a new pump, it is kind of foreign to me, Animas has always been easy and not had many changes through out the years, so this is going to be brand new!

I also just started on the Dexcom sensor for the first time! I was always worried about having two infusion sets and it being too bulky and annoying, but it does not seem to bother me. The only problem is that I am running out of spots to do both my infusion and me sensor… So if anyone has any recommendations or answers for my problem that would be great! (haha)

I recently started an Instagram account just for my type 1 diabetes posts, new infusions, my journey with a new pump and the Dexcom sensor and anything that relates to diabetes and my life as a whole! I plan on sharing all of my experiences with my new pump and new Dexcom sensor, on this blog and on instagram, @kylabetes.

Thanks for reading!

Kyla Jo Tighe

“Diabetes and Donuts”


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