Diabetes Supplies And A Case Of Extreme Hoarders

I collect things, I like to hoard everything, I collect cameras, all of my homework and notes I have ever taken in any class, folders, paper, scrapbook paper, stickers, notebooks, notes, sketches, drawings, letters, cards, postcards, photographs, antiques, donut items, and so much more! So as if I did not already have enough items in my house (ask my boyfriend, he DEFINITELY would agree) I also am a type 1 diabetic who receives supplies in huge boxes! At the moment I have three boxes full of supplies piled up on my couch that I loaded into the back of my Jeep, and brought home from my mom’s house (They did not make it very far). If you are a type 1 diabetic you will understand the struggle of finding a location large enough for all of your supplies that does not get too hot, too cold, or where moisture can get into your supplies.

There is also the struggle of leaving your supplies in their boxes so that they stack easier or unloading them and placing them in larger boxes that hold more, or just stacking them on a shelf. I have about three different locations in my house for my supplies… Two of which were not planned.

Now expiration dates! Oh my, I went on a two week trip and started looking at the expiration dates on my supplies, while packing. They were all expired by a year or more! So I started throwing away one box at a time until I realized I was almost out. Good thing that my mom had diabetes supplies stocked out the wazoo!

Thanks for reading!

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