Type 1 Diabetes; 9 Things To Do When Going To College


  1. Buy a small refrigerator for your dorm room to keep supplies and snacks inside, also it is nice for pop and water and left over food.
  2. Buy a large supply of quick carbs so you do not run out, store them under your bed.
  3. When going out with friends make sure at least one person knows you are diabetic and what to do in case of a low.
  4. As lame as you may think they are, medical bracelets are really helpful for being away in a strange place with people who may not know you are diabetic. If you have a low, an emergency responder will look for a medical tag or bracelet. They have new and sleek medical jewelry available. 
  5. Always have extra supplies, especially two meters in case of malfunction. Have at least a three month supply of supplies when leaving for college. 
  6. Having copies of insurance and prescription cards incase you lose your wallet is a safe bet.
  7. Set up a meeting at the beginning of the year or before you move in to the dorm with your Resident Assistant (RA) to go over emergency procedures. Offering to leave a glucagon kit in their hands is never a bad idea, incase of a severe low.
  8. While visiting colleges, visit their health centers for more information on what is available to you as a student.
  9. Have your endocrinologist fill out a paper stating that you are type 1 diabetic and that it is necessary to have a 504 Plan. Bring your paperwork to the disability office at your college to set up a 504 plan which is beneficial to have when you have health problems regarding your diabetes that may affect your class attendance or grades.

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