The Type 1 Diabetes Alphabet

A A1C Test

B Blood Sugar

C Counting Carbohydrates

D Dosing

E Every Day Battled

F Flying With Supplies Is Such A Hassle

G Glucagon

H High Blood Sugars

I Insulin Is A Life Saver (Literally)

J Juvenile Diabetes

K Ketoacidosis

L Low Blood Sugars

M Meter

N Nutritional Facts

O Orange Juice For Lows

P Pump

Q Quarterly Check Ups

R Roller Coaster Blood Sugar Levels

S Shots

T Testing

U Unit Of Insulin

V Visits To The Doctor

W Waiting For A Cure

X X-tra Special Person With A Dead Pancreas 

Y Yo-Yo Blood Sugars

Z Zombi, After A Low


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