13 Reasons I Love My Insulin Pump


  1. I can eat at anytime of the day
  2. I am a traveling clock
  3. I am also a traveling flash light, which is pretty convenient at night time
  4. My whole life runs on only AA batteries
  5. I get to choose from pink, blue, or grey infusion sites
  6. I have the choice of wearing a sensor that monitors my blood sugar
  7. My insulin pump does the math for me
  8. I don’t have to stop what I am doing to do a shot
  9. I don’t have to carry anything with me besides my meter
  10. I don’t have to poke myself with shots every time I eat a meal, snack, or even just a piece of candy
  11. I only have to change my site every three days
  12. My pump is my favorite color, blue!
  13. If I can’t remember if I dosed for my food, I can look in my history (which is pretty helpful for how forgetful I am!)

7 thoughts on “13 Reasons I Love My Insulin Pump

  1. Newemy2 says:

    Nice article, I am considering the option to get a pump. I am a bit affraid since lived with injections for 20 years. Your article shows me i shouldn’t be afraid 🙂 Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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