13 Reasons To Go To Type 1 Diabetes Camp

  1. You feel at home
  2. You meet people just like you
  3. You get to try new things you would have never done in your life such as zip-lining, horse back riding, paint balling, kayaking, canoeing, swimming in a lake, the blob, learning campfire songs, high ropes, and climbing a telephone pole and jumping off from the very top (Wearing a harness of course!)
  4. You tell funny diabetes stories and everyone laughs
  5. You can relate to everyone about their midnight refrigerator trips
  6. Everyone looks like crap, so it doesn’t matter what you look like the whole week
  7. You get a nice break from the real world
  8. If you are low someone will always have glucose tabs
  9. If you are high someone will have insulin on hand
  10. Camp fire. (That’s all I have to say)
  11. You gain a bunch of Facebook friends who share funny and sarcastic diabetes posts on your wall
  12. You make new forest friends, such as raccoons.
  13. They become your best friends for life, even though you only see them for one week out of the whole year


A Few Counselors at No Limits Diabetes Camp 2014

(I’m on the far left!)

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