Type 1 Diabetes; Moving Out On Your Own For The First Time

You have always had at least one parent or guardian reminding you to check your blood sugar or dose for your meal. The time has now come and you are moving out of your parent’s house. You have all of your belongings packed and you’re staring at your empty room. Now what? If it is not already stressful enough that you are moving out and starting something completely new, you also have your type 1 diabetes to worry about.

If your mom is anything like mine she was more of a mess than I was. “Make sure you take care of your diabetes, check your sugar, dose for your food, carry all of your supplies with you, carry quick carbs just in case!” She was worried that I would forget about everything she ever taught me. At the time I was so frustrated and aggravated that she was so worried about me. I kept telling her, “I am an adult now, I have it under control.” I thought that she did not trust me, that she did not think I was responsible enough to move out on my own, without her.

Now looking back on it, I realized that she loved me and that is why she said anything at all. All of the times that she frantically called me when I did not text her back or answer her first phone call, she loved me. All of the times that she would text my boyfriend to make sure I was safe, she loved me. All of the times that she asked if I had been taking care of myself, she loved me. All of the times that my mom got aggravated with me about not taking care of myself, she loved me. All of the times that my mom lectured me about the health problems I would have later on, for not taking care of my diabetes, she loved me. I am still learning today that the only reason she does what she does, is not to annoy me or bug me, but because she cares and loves me more than anything.

So my advice to anyone who is moving out of their parent’s home for the first time; Be understanding and loving of your stressed parents. Text your mom or dad at night and tell them you’re OKAY! Text them your blood sugar every now and then, let them know that you are doing well on your own, that they did a good job raising you. It has taken me a while to understand that your parents are not nagging at you to annoy you or get under your skin, they are being loving parents who want their children to be healthy and safe.   

Thanks for reading!

Kyla Tighe

“Diabetes and Donuts”

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