How I CONFIDENTLY Introduced My Type 1 Diabetes to My Significant Other; 5 Casual Ways to Slip it Into A Conversation

I have talked to other type 1 diabetics who are nervous about introducing their diabetes to people they are dating or even to new friends. As a camper in high school at diabetes camp we have “diabetes education” every day. One of the topics that is discussed almost every year is how to tell your significant other that you have type one diabetes. Though coming out and confidently announcing that, “I AM DIABETIC!” & “MY PANCREAS IS DEAD AND USELESS!” has never been a struggle for me, I know it is a hard issue to address for some diabetics. Here are a few different ways to approach telling someone that you have type 1 diabetes.

1. While You’re Playing 20 Questions.

Almost everyone plays the 20 questions game or something similar when you start “talking” or dating someone new. So when they ask you to tell them something interesting about you, what a better chance than to slip your diabetes into the conversation. This in my opinion, is the easiest way for those with diabetes to tell their significant other. You have as much time as you need to type out and think about how and when you want to inform them. 

2. If You’re Still Worried They Won’t Stick Around…

Then make sure to tell them anyways, anyone who would not stay with you is just losing out on a great, amazing, talented, responsible, well rounded, smart, patient, intelligent, humorous, awesome person! So be confident! If they are a good person to date then they will understand and still be just as attracted to you as they would have been without knowing.

3. Make A Survivor Diabetes Pack and Leave It At Their House.

That’s what I did at least… on the second date. No better way to show that you are confident and not ashamed of your awesome dead pancreas. That way if you have an emergency you have all of your supplies there and ready.

4. Make A Card For Them With A Cute Pancreas On The Front.

If you are still too nervous to tell them in person, make an adorable card explaining to them that you have type 1 diabetes. Give them some fun facts about you and your diabetes!

5. “Do you mind if I sit next to you? I just want to feel close to a working pancreas.” You Could Be Corny and Throw A Diabetes Pick Up Line Into The Conversation.

Or maybe you should wait for that one… But anyways I introduced my diabetes pretty casually with a couple corny jokes about my pancreas being useless. This is my way of being confident enough to tell people. I address it with a smile and even tease about it so that people are not weirded out, worried, or overwhelmed. I then explain to them what diabetes is and that I have had it since I was seven years old. This way they know that I have control over my diabetes (for the most part at least) and not to worry about a thing.

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